Aswaatul Qurraa is an online portal into the beautiful world of the glorious Quran. It primarily aims to enhance the learning process of every individual, on their journey of memorizing the divine Word of Allah.

Through the mercy of Allah, the site was established to satisfy a desperate need of our Huffaaz - the need for mp3 tracks of the Quran, split into smaller collections of verses that facilitate easy audio- memorization i.e. learning through listening.

Aswaatul Qurraa is a one-stop site for all those who aspire to memorize, understand, apply and love the speech of their Creator, the Holy Quran.

So explore our portal without further delay

and with the blessings of Allah, you’ll enjoy your stay.

We hope you benefit from all we convey -

kindly remember us every time you pray.

Quran Audio

We have a huge collection of MP3 Quran available for download. Our MP3 Quran files are split into Surahs, Parahs, Quarters as well as Pages. We strive to provide the best quality MP3 files as far as possible.

Quran Videos

Download Quran recitation videos in MP4 format with the verse and english subtitles shown. With these videos you can listen to and read the Quran at the same time.


We also have a wide range of PDF books available for download. These include Qurans in 13 line as well as 15 line, Quran translation, tafseer and various other books relating to Quran.


Can't find what you are looking for? We have a solution! Simply use our smart search function. If you still can't find something, feel free to contact us and we would assist.